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Measuring Our Success

We are committed to learning and growing on this journey

We Want to Hear from You

As we work to develop a more inclusive organization that benefits everyone, we welcome your feedback on our efforts, programs and opportunities for improvement.

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Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is always working to develop meaningful ways to measure success and identify opportunities for improvement. As we work toward achieving our goals, we will update this page to illustrate our progress and areas for growth.

In 2023, we have five metrics – one for each goal – that we are tracking to measure our success. Here are our results halfway through the year:

Goal 1: Increase Representation and Readiness

Metric: Number of cultural awareness trainings and events attended by Energy Trust staff.

Results: Outreach staff attended various events throughout the state aimed at increasing cultural awareness and connections with diverse groups. In a survey, other staff members reported attending about a dozen voluntary cultural awareness trainings and events. Energy Trust’s DEI Book Club hosted discussions on the book “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” and the miniseries “The 1619 Project.”

Goal 2: Shift and Share Leadership and Power

Metric: Number of community members who participated in Energy Trust projects, initiatives or advisory groups to provide input and influence program design.

Results: The Existing Buildings program incorporates community feedback into the program design through a network of six community-based liaisons, who engage with small business owners and represent their feedback to staff. Four community members serve on Energy Trust’s Tribal Working Group, which meets regularly with outreach staff and the OPUC tribal liaison to provide input on outreach strategies that will provide greater benefits to tribal customers and increase program participation. And nine people serve on the Diversity Advisory Council that consults on program design, hiring and contracting.

Goal 3: Increase Community Capacity and Increase Investment in BIPOC, Low-income and Rural Communities

Metric: Percentage of expenditures to subcontractors on contracts over $100,000 paid to businesses certified by the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity as a Minority Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise, Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise or Emerging Small Business.

Results: From Jan. 1 to June 30, 2023, 33% of expenditures went to Emerging Small Businesses, 37% went to Women Business Enterprises, 38% went to Minority Business Enterprise and 0% went to Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises. (Businesses that qualify for more than one certification are counted in every program in which they are certified.)

Goal 4: Increase Transparency and Accountability

Metric: Energy Trust exceeds its 2023 Oregon Public Utility Commission performance measure on equity metrics.

Result: Energy Trust will report on outcomes in its 2023 Annual Report to the OPUC, which will be submitted in April 2024.

Goal 5: Deepen Engagement in BIPOC, Low-Income and Rural Communities

Metric: Number of community engagement activities planned for 2023 and results from those completed engagements.

Results: Energy Trust is conducting or has completed 23 engagement activities in 2023. The 2023 Annual Report to the OPUC will provide more information about these engagements and outcomes.

Read more on these activities in our Quarter Two Report to the OPUC.