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Ductless Heat Pumps

$800 cash incentive

Ductless heat pumps are a highly efficient way to provide heating and cooling to your home, and installation is easy. Operating entirely without ductwork, they eliminate any potential energy loss from leaky or unsealed ducts and can make your home more comfortable while lowering your energy costs.

If you live in a manufactured home, you may qualify for a limited-time increased heat pump incentive. Visit our heat pump promotion page for additional information.

If you own an individual condominium unit, townhome, duplex, triplex or fourplex, view cash incentives for ductless heat pumps.

  1. Establish your eligibility.

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    You must live in Oregon and heat your home with electricity provided by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power.

  2. Contact an Energy Trust trade ally contractor and have the work completed.

    To receive an Energy Trust cash incentive, contact a qualified, energy-efficiency-trained Energy Trust trade ally contractor or any contractor with a current Oregon Construction Contractors Board license.

  3. Submit your application within 60 days of installation.

    Your contractor may help you complete the application form. Please allow six to eight weeks for incentive processing and payment.

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Equipment Incentive Requirements
Ductless heat pump $800

Home must be a single-family or manufactured home and currently use electric resistance heat* as the primary heat source. Ductless heat pump must replace electric resistance heat, have a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) of 9.0 or greater and be installed by a qualified contractor.

*Examples of electric resistance heat include baseboards, ceiling heat, wall heat and electric forced-air furnaces.

Savings Within Reach

Income-qualified residents in Oregon may be eligible for increased cash incentives through Savings Within Reach for a qualifying ductless heat pump installed by a participating contractor. Special requirements apply.

Newly built homes, new additions and homes with existing heat pumps, boilers or gas furnaces do not qualify for this incentive. Limit one ductless heat pump incentive per home.

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

Incentives are not intended to influence consumer decisions on fuel sources.

Download our heating infographic.

Ductless heat pump benefits

  • Provide consistent heat when outside temperatures drop to 14°F or lower.
  • Are quiet and compact, and can heat or cool individual rooms or zones—each controlled by its own thermostat.
  • Have built-in air filters that can improve air quality in homes without ductwork.
  • Can cut heating costs by up to 40 percent, compared to standard electric furnaces or electric baseboard heaters.
  • Operate without any connecting ductwork, resulting in easier installation and less disruption in your home.


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