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LED Grow Lights

Bring energy savings to your indoor garden with discount pricing on LED grow lights at participating retailers.

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Energy-efficient indoor gardening

LED grow lights produce up to twice the light output as high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, last longer, run cooler and require less ventilation.

Safe and reliable

LED grow lights do not utilize metal halides, high-pressure sodium bulbs or release high heat like traditional HID bulbs. Have peace of mind that your LED grow lights are operating safely even when you are away.

Lower operating costs

Installing LED grow lights in place of HID lights will help you save on monthly electric bills. They also last 7-15 years. That’s far longer than an HID bulb’s lifespan of 12-18 months, which means you’ll spend less on replacements as well.

Grow more with less space

The lower energy consumption of LED grow lights means less heat output. Unlike traditional HID bulbs, which require constant ventilation to maintain grow room temperatures and plenty of height to prevent plant heat damage, cool-running LEDs are compact, all-in-one fixtures. You can safely install LED grow lights for indoor gardens even in small areas of your home, like a closet.

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